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The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is a positive, creative-based 30-hour program designed for the visual-spatial individual. After just one week, participants have the tools needed to overcome their struggles with the symptoms of Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. Success means the client has learned how to use all the tools we provide and there is significant and observable improvement related to academic skills or other symptoms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Dyslexia
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Reading disability
  • Language-based learning disability
  • Dyspraxia (balance)
  • Dyscalculia (math)
  • Dysgraphia (hand writing)
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Visual processing disorder

While many other programs address only the symptoms of the learning disability, using tedious drill and repetition — the Davis methods get to the root cause of the learning difficulty and correct it using the natural strengths and talents of the client's personal learning style. Clients will learn HOW THEY LEARN and leave with the ability to implement the knowledge obtained during the program into daily life.

At Dyslexia and Learning Solutions Ontario, children and adults with Dyslexia are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve.

Program Prerequisites

For the Davis Program to be effective, a person must be personally motivated and willing to improve some aspect of learning or school performance.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is a DRUG FREE solution. Therefore, before a program can be scheduled, clients must disclose all medications. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program includes:

  • Five consecutive days of one-to-one facilitation (ages 8 and up).
  • Support training for client's family, tutor(s) or teacher(s) on the afternoon of the last day to ensure post-program follow-up and success.
  • All necessary take-home materials for program follow-up.
  • Three return follow-up visits (if necessary) and unlimited phone/email consultations.

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Other Available Programs

Davis Math Mastery™ Program
For math difficulties
Davis™ Attention Mastery Program for ADD/ADHD

For challenges associated with ADD/ADHD
Davis™ Reading Program for Young Learners

For young children experiencing challenges learning to read and write

Support Training

Anyone that will assist the client meet their post-program goals should attend Support Training. Support training is usually held on the afternoon of the last program day. Support training covers:

  • Koosh® Ball Exercises
  • Reading Exercises
  • Davis Symbol Mastery®
  • Follow-up schedule
  • Post-program recommendations

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    The Davis™ Programs

    Davis Orientation Counseling™, as outlined in The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis, provides clients with the ability to detect and self-correct distorted perception caused by confusion with letters, words, numerals, and other symbols.

    Working with clay allows for confusion to be realized and resolved - in a multi-dimensional, creative way that fits the dyslexic thinking and learning style.

    Clients start by resolving confusion with the basic literacy symbols, including letters (above) and punctuation marks.

Clients then work with clay to master words that do not give them a picture. We call these "trigger words" and there are 219 words identified by Davis that need to be mastered. Most of these will be done following the one-week program.

    Video overview of Dyslexia and the
    Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program

    This inspiring film was produced by The Learning People, a network of Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitators in the UK (used with permission).