Here's what some of our clients say about the Davis™ program...


We were so tired of hearing that our child just was "just not applying himself" at school, and was always having to leave the classroom for being disruptive. Getting him up to go to school in the morning was always frustrating for him and the rest of the family. He hated going to school. After not getting anywhere at school, we looked elsewhere and found Dyslexia and Learning Solutions Ontario where Tracy made us feel so at ease.

My son went through the week long program and continues to make progress on a daily basis. His self-esteem has soared and he no longer gives us trouble getting out of bed in the morning, as he wants to go to school! He uses his [Davis] tools and no longer worries about being "stupid" anymore.

Thanks for all your help, Tracy, and for showing us that there was something out there for my son. The Davis program has helped my son no longer suffer when learning.

— Mother of 13 year old client


My week working with Tracy was fun! I thought it would be really hard, but Tracy made the work seem painless. I liked making the words out of clay. They helped me form my letters better. My handwriting has improved. The things that Tracy taught me I have been able to use at school. One of my teachers noticed the difference in my handwriting without me telling her I had done the course. That made me feel very good.

George, age 10

From the first day of the course he came home with a very positive "can do attitude." This was a huge change from the boy who used to be deflated and frustrated with his inability to write clearly. Although I had my reservations with the Davis Method (as my son is not dyslexic), I felt that we had to give it a try and do something "out of the box" to help our son who struggles to write on a daily basis. Tracy was a breath of fresh air as my son saw that she was there to help him and work with him on another level, not to teach him in the traditional manner that had only brought frustration and tears. My son has embraced the program and has seen that he CAN write clearly. It takes a lot of effort and he will still need a lot of practice, but he knows he can do it and his confidence and attitude has been boosted 100%. Thank you Tracy!

— George's Mom


I love reading now since I have my new tools. I am able to get through the books at a much quicker speed, and I no longer have to read over and over again the same sentence. Thanks, Tracy, for all your help.

— Dyslexia and Learning Solutions Ontario client (Age 15)


Miss Tracy,
Before I came to you I hated taking my medication for ADD. It made me feel different than everyone else. I used to have to take it during the day at school, and it felt like everyone knew what was wrong with me. Now that I have my tools, it is so much easier to focus at school and learning has become fun. I can read better now, sit still when I want and I don't feel any different than the rest of the kids at school. Thanks for helping me and showing me that I can be just the same as everyone else.

— Dyslexia and Learning Solutions Ontario client (Age 9)

"Ron Davis is a revolutionary and profound thinker
and has discovered what history will record as one
of the great insights in the fields of learning and
how the mind works."  

Thom Hartmann, author of Beyond ADD:
Hunting for Reasons in the Past and Present.



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